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1. Average daily solar energy generation:
28 kWh
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2. Daily savings from self-consumption
3. Daily exported solar energy
16 kWh
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4. Earnings from exported solar energy
5. Average total daily savings
6. Yearly savings
7. Solar Payback Period (In Years)


Find Solar Installer calculators are intended to provide output estimations only based on the assumptions and your inputs. This calculator is not a precise tool, the purpose is to provide an estimate only based on PV System cost, Electricity changes, feed-in tariff, Personal electricity usage during the day time etc. Find Solar Installer recommends you to discuss energy consumption pattern with the Solar Installer to provide the best solution specific to your requirements. Note Feed-in tariff & Electricity change all the time & it varies between electricity retailers. For the above calculation Find Solar Installer has used available data from the Clean Energy Council & Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Find Solar Installer does not take any responsibility for any error & defect within.

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